Trentadue: 32 Channels EMG WIFI/Bluetooth

Trentadue: 32 Channels EMG WIFI/Bluetooth

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General description: Trentadue is a 32 channel portable device for EMG signals detection. It has WiFi capability and it can transfer data online to a PC, tablet or smartphone with a proper running application.

Technical specifications: Different adapters allow the Trentadue connection of electrode matrixes, electrode arrays or bipolar electrodes. Data detected by Trentadue can be accessed online through a TCP socket. The custom application can be developed for Trentadue, in order to acquire or process the signals online. Alternatively, the freeware software OT BioLab can be used to display and acquire the signals collected from Trentadue. Up to four channels can be devoted to auxiliary signals detection. Trentadue can also act as a 32 channel datalogger storing data on a MicroSD card. Impedance check can be performed on all 32 channels.

Class II
Number of channels 32
Power supply Internal lithium-ion single cell
Bandwidth 10Hz – 500Hz
Selectable sampling frequency 1000, 2000 Hz
Input range 0 – 3,3 VPP
Noise (RTI) < 2  µVRMSS
Input resistance > 1000 MΩ
CMRR > 96 dB
A/D Resolutions 16/24 bits
Wireless communication WiFi / Bluetooth
Data Storage removable microSD card
Dimensions 59 mm x 95 mm x 20 mm
Weight 110g