OPTOJUMP NEXT: Running and jumping performance measuring devices

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Optojump application in practice.

• To assess the athlete's ability and physical fitness.
• Can identify the difference in muscle at different levels of activity. Of each athlete
• Development and improvement of training programs based on test results.
• Testing each session of the training program.
• Create a database to compare athlete's fitness level. At each interval or between individual athletes.
• Used to test the athlete's fitness after the injury (Return To play concept) to develop a program to rehabilitate and monitor the progress of athletes properly.
• Motivate the athletes. In terms of capabilities developed. To encourage competition within the group of athletes.
• Reduce the burden of the trainer. To collect information of athletes at different time intervals. And also a tool to judge. Time to select talent athlete (Talented ID)
• It can be connected to other devices in athletes such as Witty SEM, GYKO, Motion Analysis to provide real-time measurement data.

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Optojump Next is designed and based on the philosophy of evaluating and improving optomization performance from the world’s leading athletes. Designed to develop and improve your coaching program. Using test results as a set. By measuring the components and features of their capabilities and capabilities, Optojump Next is ideal for trainers, trainers and researchers. To test and track the training results of athletes. It makes measurement and evaluation possible, simple and accurate, instantly creating an athlete’s database to record and retrieve information. Compare the level of skill with the previous test or compare the differences between individual athletes. Same time or different time periods as well.