Spicatek: Motion Analysis

    Spica Technology Corporation’s 3D Digital Motion Analysis System – DMAS7™, supports 3D-6DOF Real-Time and Automatic tracking with auto labelling to subpixel accuracy, including the simultaneous recording of synchronized video, and offers users a choice of either static or dynamic calibration. DMAS7™ supports uncompressed video capture and tracking with any number of CameraLink, CoaXPress or networked GigE progressive scan machine vision cameras. DMAS7™ is also capable of importing video from external file formats such as AVI, MPEG and of any size without restrictions. Simultaneous capture and synchronization of audio, analogue and digital data, GPS, IRIG-B, Force platforms, EMG etc. are also supported.

No Proprietary Hardware standard commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware including cameras, frame grabbers and processing hardware. Digital Technology designed around the very latest in digital imaging technologies to fully take advantage of the recent advances in cameras, processing and networking. We are therefore able to offer digital image processing previously not available in the motion capture industry and can bring more advanced tracking algorithms with subpixel marker centroid calculations and auto labelling.

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