Anybody Musculoskeletal Modeling Software Simulations

The AnyBody Modeling System

State-of-the-Art musculoskeletal modelling and simulation. The AnyBody Modeling System allows you to create detailed musculoskeletal models and run computer simulations that integrate the human body into your product design.

The features of the AnyBody Modeling System include:

  • Musculoskeletal analysis of daily activities
  • The self-contained and robust system
  • GUI for interactive use
  • Inverse dynamics
  • Force-dependent kinematics
  • Posture and motion prediction
  • Interface to C3D, BVH, and FEA
  • Console for batch processing

Why musculoskeletal modelling?

With a proven and validated technology, AnyBody Technology is the undisputed global leader in the applied musculoskeletal analysis.

Across a broad range of industries, many of which have embraced Product Lifecycle Management, users want to understand and document how their product performs in concert with the human body.

Get ready! The emerging adoption of musculoskeletal modelling sets the stage for a new generation of products optimized for minimal body loads, optimal functional performance, and better fact-based documentation of ergonomic features.

Integrate AnyBody in your product design cycle


  • Virtual prototyping and simulation-driven product development
  • Shorter time-to-market, reduced research cost and less testing
  • Increased product performance and reliability
  • New products and devices virtually tested across numerous body sizes and body shapes.
  • Better product ergonomics with product design evaluation and optimization
  • Ergonomic analyses and documentation

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